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Home Learning Packs

Home Learning Packs


Under your child's Year Group, please find attached a timetable and a weekly plan of learning to complete at home. 

Don't worry- you don't need to print these! Your child can use what's on the screen as a guide to write into their homework book or a piece of paper.

We have now archived all home learning for March, April and May so that this part of the website doesn't get too confusing. If you need the archived packs, click here.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Answers will be uploaded on Fridays!

Year 6


To go directly to our page about SEND learners, click HERE

If your child has special educational needs or disabilities, their learning will very much depend on their need. If your child is accessing the curriculum of children their age, then please use the work designed for their year group, or feel free to choose a different year group if you feel this would be more appropriate. 

Our SENCO has also developed two Accessible Learning Packs, which you could work through with your child at their own pace. They are graded Mild and Hot for children working at different stages. If you aren't aware of which pack your child should access, please email their phase group leader as above. 

Mild Accessible Learning Packs

Hot Accessible Learning Packs

If you are having difficulty accessing these packs and you need to speak to your child's phase group leader, please let us know at:

sgtgheadofearlyyears@haaf.org.uk (Miss Poonian, Reception and Year 1)
sgtgassistantheadlowerks2@haaf.org.uk (Mrs Martinelli, Year 3 & 4)
sgtgassistantheadupperks2@haaf.org.uk (Ms Kelly, Year 2, 5 & 6)